A chic, colorful rug can be an excellent way to revise your interior design

Having a rug in your home is a great way to add some color and have your space look more modern. According to Vogue, we're signing off on boring beige-gray hues and ushering in an exuberant trend of rich jewel tones & vibrant colors mixed with natural tints. As the world recalibrates, people are spending more time at home with their families. Interior designers are tweaking design schemes to meet these demands. With a color and pattern explosion, mixed in styles and varying textures, I can't wait to see what 2022's interior design trends will be.


Likewise, many of us want our homes to be more exciting and refreshed. Yet overhauling the entire look is often impractical--it can take a lot of time, effort and money to reupholster a whole living room set, paint all the rooms, etc. Tired of those tables that are awkward and make you feel like you're cramped?


It's easy to renovate your home and make it feel more modern without any structural changes. Soft flooring like rugs are great for transforming an old look into a new, sleek one.


The results can be truly transformative. An all-white living area, for instance, gains new warmth and luxury with the garnet reds and soft greens of an antique Agra Indian rug, while the bird-and-floral patterns add a delightful whimsy; the floors of a cool modernist dining room spring to life with stylised botanicals in gold and terracotta against a rich, deep blue-black. background.If you’re looking for the perfect neutral, where all the colors fall on top of each other beautifully, a rich chocolate brown floor will work wonders for your home.


Consider using some Red, Yellow & Violet colors from a stunning, Art Deco rug to make the designs more eye-catching. Here we can enjoy the luxurious textures, tones and arabesques of a ruby-and-gold Art Nouveau carpet first thing in the morning.

Other possibilities might include a new foyer entryway rug in dark, forest greens and soft salmon to set the mood as you first enter the house. For example, some of the carpets we've seen from countries like Caucasian Karabagh have these colors in them. Rugs can reflect trends in natural colors & designs. For example, by combining different pieces from different origins, such as vintage or antique rugs, you can create a pleasantly original feel.

You should consider revamping your stairs with a new rug. One of the Scandinavian rugs with bold, geometric patterns, like reds, blues, greens and yellows will introduce a chic new look to your entire home.